Published on 15 November 2023 at 15:29

A Harmonious Celebration: Concert at the Council of the European Union

Last week, I had the privilege of attending a momentous event in Strasbourg – the ceremonial handover of the Council of the European Union's presidency from Latvia to Liechtenstein. The occasion was marked with a delightful concert, a collaborative effort featuring pianist Isa-Sophie Zünd from Liechtenstein, showcasing a repertoire that beautifully intertwined Latvian, Liechtenstein, and Ukrainian musical traditions.

The performance was not just a celebration of musical talent but a symbolic gesture of camaraderie, as we treated ministers, ambassadors, and diplomats from the 46 member states of the European Council to a 15-minute musical journey of friendship. In the intricate tapestry of the European Union, where every six months sees a new member state assuming the presidency, it was a significant moment as Liechtenstein took the reins from Latvia.

The Council of the European Union, representing 46 nations, is a diplomatic hub where policies and decisions crucial to the continent are discussed and formulated. The presidency rotates every half-year, underscoring the collaborative spirit of the EU. With Latvia having handed over the reins, we now look forward to more than two decades until their next turn.

A heartfelt thank you is in order to the Latvian Permanent Representation in Strasbourg for the invitation. Performing at this historical event was indeed an honor, and it marked a memorable chapter in the cultural exchanges within the European Union. Until the next presidency, we'll carry the harmonious notes of this evening forward, a testament to the unity that music can inspire among nations.