The list and diagrams which are found on this page are part of Aigars Raumanis’ Master's Thesis Saxophone music in Latvia: Collaboration of the composers and performers in the creation of musical pieces. The aim of this paper is to describe the cooperation of composers and musicians in the context of Latvian saxophone music, both quantitatively and qualitatively. The thesis consists of an introduction, 3 chapters and appendices. The first chapter examines the bachelor's and master's theses on saxophone music in Latvia to date. The second chapter presents the collected information with diagrams and tables, as well as explains the possible cause of this data. Third chapter focuses on the cooperation of specific musicians and composers, illustrating the information obtained with fragments of sheet music. The catalogue "Saxophone Music in Latvia 1962-2022" can be found in the appendix.

345 pieces with saxophone are found in the list below.

© Raumanis, A. (2023). Saksofonmūzika Latvijā: Komponistu un atskaņotājmākslinieku sadarbība skaņdarbu tapšanas procesā. Rīga: JVLMA