Ilona Meija, the captivating flutist, mesmerizes audiences with her virtuosity and artistry. From her early days in Latvia to becoming the piccolo flutist with the Latvian National Symphony Orchestra and the principal flutist of the Latvian National Opera Orchestra, Ilona’s musical journey has been adorned with triumphs. As a respected professor at the Jazeps Vitols Latvian Academy of Music, she imparts her profound knowledge to the next generation of musicians. Ilona’s chamber music collaborations are equally dazzling, showcasing her versatility with esteemed artists worldwide.

Aigars Raumanis, the brilliant saxophonist, enchants listeners with his soulful interpretations and groundbreaking premieres of Latvian composers’ works. His accolades include The Great Music Award’s “Young Artist of the Year 2019,” an honor bestowed upon only the finest musicians in Latvia. With an impressive lineup of international competition wins, Aigars has proven his excellence on global stages. As a sought-after soloist and ensemble member, he has graced audiences across Europe, showcasing the saxophone’s captivating charm.

Herta Hansena, the dynamic pianist, brings a unique creative flair to every performance. As an active concert performer and collaborative artist, Herta’s musical collaborations know no bounds. Her artistic touch resonates in first performances of contemporary works and captivating renditions of established masterpieces. As an associate professor at the Jazeps Vitols Latvian Academy of Music, Herta passionately nurtures young talents, guiding them to attain remarkable success in international competitions.

Together, Ilona, Aigars, and Herta form an extraordinary trio that blends their virtuosity and passion into musical masterpieces. All three of them have received the Great Music Award, which is the highest prize given by the state of Latvia in the field of music. Experience their magic as they take you on an exhilarating journey through the rich tapestry of classical and contemporary music. The future of chamber music is here, and it is nothing short of exceptional with this remarkable trio!